Learning Management Systems (LMS)

aka Course Management Systems (CMS), Collaborative Learning Environments (CLE), Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)

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University Developed Systems

Mixable at Purdue - Social learning environment using Facebook, Dropbox, Mobile devices, etc.

GLEAN Learning Environment and Network - at Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management, uses Google Apps

Open-Source Systems

Claroline - eLearning and eWorking platform, international collaboration, multiple languages

ELMS - E-Learning Management System built on Drupal content managment system

Epsilen - a comprehensive centrally hosted eLearning environment

Etudes Project - Melete Lesson Builder, JForum Discussion, Mneme Test Center

Etudes Overview on YouTube

Trellis - Learning Management System


Moodle.org - Free, Open-source Course Management System

Moodle Stats - More than 40,000 sites worldwide

Moodlerooms, Inc. - provides hosting, support, training

joule - LMS by Moodlerooms based on Moodle

Moodleman - blog by Julian Ridden

Mahoodle - Mahara/Moodle Integration

Mahoodle Docs

Eduforge.com - Open-source learning lab (e.g. Moodle admin)

2Tor - Customized commercial distribution of Moodle, e.g. MAT@USC in Rossier School

Totara LMS - Corporate distribution of Moodle

Articles about Moodle

joule 1.1 Gets New Chat, Forum Tools

Moodlerooms in the news - Baltimore Sun

Mediasite Integration with Moodle - Classroom capture technology

Datatel To Integrate ERP with Moodle - combines enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a learning management system (LMS)

Sakai Project

Sakai Foundation - Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE)

Overview on YouTube - Michael Korcuska, Executive Director (2008)

Overview on YouTube - Charles Severance, Executive Director (2006)

Michael Korcuska's Sakai Blog

Sakai 3 Screencast

Sakai Forums - on Nabble

Aeroplane Software - Sakai consulting

rSmart Sakai CLE - includes Melete and JForum (see Etudes Project above)

rSmart Sakai Sandbox - for experimentation

Sakai Course Design - by Prof. Fred T. Hofstetter (26 min Flash video)

Unicon Sakai Services

Unicon Sakai / Eluminate Tool - synchronous distance learning and collaboration

WebLearn at Oxford University

bSpace at UC Berkeley

SakaiSuccessStories - Stanford and University of Michigan

SakaiWebPortals - Stanford, UC Berkeley, Oxford,

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Fluid Project - Library of sharable user interface components

Survey: The Campus Computing Survey

Article: E-learning Market Pushing Toward Open Source - 2008 Gartner Report

Article: Overview of Open Source Learning Management Systems - 2006 Educause article

Commercial Systems

Angel Learning - Enterprise eLearning Software

Blackboard - Online Learning Environment

CampusCruiser - LMS, Portal, Alert system

Campus Vue by Campus Management

Canvas - Simple, open LMS from Instructure

Desire2Learn - Innovative Learning Technology

Elluminate - eLearning and Collaboration Solution Software

Epsilen - a comprehensive centrally hosted eLearning environment

it's learning - Virtual Learning Environment (Norway)

MindTap - Personal Learning Experience (PLE) from Cengage Learning

Pearson eCollege - Integrated education technology, content, academic services and support based on Pearson LearningStudio

Pearson LearningStudio - Social platform for delivering online programs

Serf - Online learning management system created by Dr. Fred T. Hofstetter


WebCT - Historical note on Wikipedia

Ziiva - Prosperity Learning Management System (non-academic orientation)

ClassTop CourseFeed

ClassTop CourseFeed - Integrates with LMS and Facebook

CourseFeed promotion

Blackboard v. Desire2Learn Lawsuits

U.S. Patent # 6,988,138 - January 17, 2006

U.S. Patent # 7,493,396 - February 17, 2009

Blackboard website - Includes "Patent Pledge" and FAQ

Blackboard and Desire2Learn Settle Their Patent Disputes - December 15, 2009

Kuali Foundation - Open source administrative software

Financial Systems

Student Services System

Kuali Student

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IMS Common Cartridge Specification - IMS Global Learning Consortium

Common Cartridge FAQs - Compares Common Cartridge to SCORM

European University Information Systems

SocialLearn - Blog, The Open University (UK)

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